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Aurora, Illinois

Aurora, Illinois

Relationship to Puppetry
Puppet owner, a collection of Folkmanis Puppets - performing as a hobby, though it would be nice to make some money from it in some way...

What First Got Me Interested in Puppetry
MIdWest Furfest and Craig Fuguson's Late Late show puppets. Longer time ago local television WGN-9 Chicago's Garfield Goose and Friends (a puppet show where no puppet talked except Garfield and a rabbit puppet had to translate his beak noises to the show host) and Friends, Cuddly Dudley (Ray Rayner and Bozo show) and the Muppets.

My Puppetry (or Puppet) Hero
The Muppets, and local Chicago television WGN Garfield Goose and Cuddly Dudley (they can still be seen every Thanksgiving and Christmas on WGN Chicago. Both airings will also be streamed live on WGNtv.com (show name - Boz, Gar and Ray) I used to watch all three of the shows.

If I Were a Puppet, I'd Be...
A character not found or created yet - dog Irish Setter or Golden Retriever - currently by name of "Major, currently he is a Golden Retriever.

More About Me:
Wide variety of interests - IT person who does field service and thus looks for ways to meet others with similar interests beyond that activity called work - as I do not get the same people much for work. Some of my interests - computers, computer SIM games, history, social organizations, DCI drum corps fan, collecting DVD's of television shows and movies, animation - Disney, Dreamworks and others. Dogs are my favorite animal with my puppets all being canines.

named puppets:
Willy Fox - Grey Fox
Major: Golden Retriever -
Scampster Collie
Ralph Omega Wolf
Fred E. Fling - unofficial Last Fling Mascot - (puppet wearing the hot dog costume).

My Company/Troupe/Group
FurPet Network on You Tube (see website link)

Affiliations/Professional Organizations
Naperville Jaycees, The Last Fling (town festival), Midwest FurFest (FVS performer) , WMC Productions (lighting tech for a community theater)