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Born in 1990, I am a book store clerk in Starkville, Mississippi. My passion are my personal projects, which include fiction writing, drawing, fursuit-making and composing. I like to create my own fictional universes with corresponding art and music. You can read some of my work at https://sycamorestudios.godaddysites.com/ (some of the literature is NSFW, be warned), although my website needs quite a lot of construction. At the top of my bucket list is, if not completing any of the novels or stories I've started, at least completing a synopsis of each of them (and I have several dozen multi-installment works planned.

I have Asperger's syndrome, so I am sensitive to noise and confrontation. I try to err on giving people too much personal space. I also like having someone who can guide me around or who I can confide in if I get overwhelmed. I like getting attention from dogs, though I'm more of a cat person. I tend to shudder, flinch, and spurt out soft strange noises.

I see my vocation as helping others overcome their anxiety and depression, to make use of what they cannot cure. I don't see myself building a career on it; mental health care is already expensive enough as it is, but I want to help cultivate others' personal growth and healing in whatever way I am able.